“Gone” Piano Solo (Jim Chappell Cover)

It took about a month to learn this song entitled “Gone” by Jim Chappell, or about twice as long as I expected. Then, after finally being able to recite it 99% correctly on the piano and recording those attempts, I noticed a few things:

  1. I had the habit of really pounding chords even when they should have been played softly.
  2. There was too much hesitation in the climatic parts.
  3. The 1924 Chicago Cable Co. piano was out of tune.

It took me another week or so to clean up (1) and (2) above, via practice, practice, practice.

I then resolved the third issue by… no, not tuning the old piano, but recording this piece on the pitch-perfect Yamaha digital piano keyboard I have been practicing on! (I’ll retune the baby grand later, as that is kind of a tedious two-to-three hour job.)

Below is the result:

Unfortunately, I forgot to lock the exposure while video recording, so the lighting went bad 42 seconds in, something that I could only partially compensate for through video editing. Well, good enough!

Playing a cover of Jim Chappell's "Gone" piano solo on the keyboard.

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