Featured photo for Ruta Fervenzas do Pereiro, Galicia, Spain

Ruta Fervenzas do Pereiro, Galicia, Spain

We were enjoying cañas (small draft beers) in a square in central Pontevedra with Andrea’s friends Marta and Choni when the subject of hiking came up. They recommended Ruta Fervenzas do Pereiro because it wasn’t too far, not too long, and beautiful.

They were right!

It turns out fervenza means waterfall in Galician. There were lots of them, in addition to wooden footbridges and some old water mills. The hike included a few steep areas, but was otherwise not a very difficult trail. The footpath was ensconced within tall trees and magical scenery that could have been taken straight out of National Geographic Magazine. I loved it.

A short bridge.

The hike was less than 4 km out-and-back—including to where we had parked our car about 500 meters up the road. Parking is sparse in this area, so fortunately virtually no one else was hiking here.


Afterwards, we went to Sanxenxo—a 20-minute drive west—for another walk and a beer. This town usually has a lot of visitors in the summertime.

Andrea with a caña at a bar overlooking a beach in Sanxenxo.

But a wonderful thing about going to Sanxenxo in November was there were much fewer people and much more parking, even on the side of the streets. The weather was still comfortable, yet there was virtually no one on the beach.

Sunset over a beach in Sanxenxo.

This was my favorite hike in all of 2021 and I am glad we got to do it during my last week in Galicia for the year. It is one I’d love to do again.

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Wild mushrooms at the base of a mossy tree.
A bridge over one of the many waterfalls at Fervenzas do Pereiro.
Felix and Andrea with the Fervenza (waterfall) da Freixa Alta.
Photo: Andrea
Felix looking at the Freixa Alta waterfall.
Photo: Andrea
Felix and Andrea in front of the Freixa Alta waterfall
Photo: Andrea
Tall trees.
The view of Poio and Cambarro in the distance.