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Fun in Fort Collins

In early November, I had to leave Spain after spending two more wonderful months in Galicia. This was sad, of course, since that meant I had to be away from Andrea. Fortunately, however, she came to the States only 11 days later to spend nearly three weeks with me in Colorado, California, Nevada, and Arizona!

During that time, Andrea did many things for the first time, including:

  • first time west of Philadelphia in the U.S.
  • miniature golf*
  • convertible ride*
  • billiards (pool)*
  • Colorado beers, including Fat Tire*, Coors Light (which tastes the most like Estrella Galicia), IPAs (in Hollywood and Odell’s), and PBR*.
  • root beer and a root beer float at A&W Restaurant (Lodi, California)
  • dim sum (Stockton, California)
  • In-N-Out (Bakersfield, California)
  • corn on the cob (Seafood Peddler, Sausalito)
  • hot dog (Arizona)
  • cow attack (Arizona)
  • ramen noodles*
  • beef jerky*
  • playing basketball (first time since high school)*
  • wearing a hat inside a restaurant without it being considered bad manners*
  • Walmart* (a suggestion by my brother to see something truly Americana)
  • Popeyes (Colorado Springs)
  • running in sub-zero degrees centigrade*
  • riding in muscle car (Dodge Challenger R/T with HEMI engine)
  • couples massage*
  • viewing Christmas lights in a neighborhood (other time was in Alsace, France)*
  • eating elk (Estes Park)
  • eating buffalo (Estes Park)
  • eggnog (Austin’s American Grill)*
  • asked if had a gun (Hoover Dam)
  • random person paid for lunch (dim sum in Stockton)
  • Vietnamese food (Young’s CafĂ©)*
  • bowling*
  • smelled a skunk*

Activities above denoted by an asterisk (*) were done in Fort Collins.

Andrea liked Fort Collins a lot, which is good because we will be spending more time here in the future.

Thanks to my friends here for helping to give her a good time. Most were from my Spanish Conversation group, even if we ended up speaking English much of the time, a language Andrea is proficient in.

Photos not created by Felix Wong may be subject to copyright.
Andrea running by a massive home in north Fort Collins.
Mel and Manuel at the Trail Head Tavern.
Felix Wong and a skeleton on a red golf cart at Old Town Putt.
Mel and E look on as Manuel hits a golf ball at Old Town Putt.
Andrea, Felix, Olivia, Manuel, Matt, and Jenny at Open Mic Night at Lucky Joe's.
Andrea going for a convertible ride for the first time in her life in my Audi TT Roadster Quattro.
Photo: Andrea
Andrea on top of Duncan's Ridge, with the Horsetooth Reservoir and Lory State Park in the background.
Andrea walking towards Arthur's rock in Lory State Park, surrounded by golden grasses.
Andrea riding a bronze Huffy Cranbrook by Richards Lake.
Andrea on the Huffster by the Fort Collins Country Club.
Felix on his yellow Cannondale F700 after a nice ride on a sunny day.
Photo: Andrea
Andrea taking a photo of Clonehenge, also known as Colorado's Stonehenge, the Rock Garden.
"Romance comes to life this year in a very unusual sort of way." That was a very appropriate fortune cookie from Beijing Noodle for Andrea and me.
Andrea shooting pool for the first time. This was at the north Chipper's Lanes bowling alley.
Manuel shooting pool at Chipper's Lanes.
A vintage beige Volkswagen Beetle inside the Foothills Mall, where we got a couples massage.
Andrea enjoying tapas at Ace Gillett's.
At the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures in Fort Collins on First Friday, we were surprised to see an exhibit for amulets from Galicia, where Andrea is from in Spain.
Andrea playing basketball for the first time since high school at Maple Hill Park.
Andrea, E, Katie, Manuel, and Mel eating Italian Flatbread Sandwiches from La Piadini at the Exchange after Spanish Conversation.
Fort Collins is a great bicycling town, hence these glasses at the Perennial Gardener were appropriate.
Andrea going bowling for the first time ever. This was at Chipper's Lanes Horsetooth.