Featured photo for Hearthfire Holiday Lights

Hearthfire Holiday Lights

Hats off to my girlfriend for this most excellent idea. “We should go biking at night one of these days to look at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood,” she suggested.

Andrea was enthusiastic about the holiday lights displays in our neighborhood because in her home country of Spain, hardly anyone decorates the outside of their house. She explained that anything you put outside the house would likely be “gone” the next day, which surprised me because the crime rate in Spain far lower than that of the United States. It turns out that almost all crime in Spain is theft.

Anyhow, we picked a Saturday night to do this, with Andrea riding the Huffster while I rolled along on Cranky the venerable Cannondale F700. The temperature, despite being in December, could hardly be better: 9C or 48F. Moreover, the air was still and we were warm and comfortable for the entire hour we biked around.

Kudos go to my neighbors too for being so being in the holiday spirit. Nearly every house in the Hearthfire subdivision had Christmas lights. Too bad I didn’t contribute (Andrea insists that my colored indoor Hue lamps don’t count) to the festive displays. Maybe I will another year that we are here.

A home in the Hearthfire subdivision with red and green Christmas lights.
Andrea standing next to a Huffy Cranbrook cruiser bike with a bright headlight, taking a picture of neighborhood Christmas lights at night.
Andrea bikes by a house that is lit by Christmas lights and has the illuminated word JOY on the lawn.
A home and tree by the sidewalk with Christmas lights in the Hearthfire subdivision.
Felix and Andrea in front of a house lit by Christmas lights and an illuminated plastic snowman on the front lawn.
A big house in Hearthfire with Christmas lights lining the driveway.
This house used projector lights to project Christmas colors on the front of the house.
A holiday display with Snoopy, Lucy, and Charlie brown.
An illuminated happy snowman wearing a black top hat was on this lawn.
A big house in the Hearthfire neighborhood with elegant white Christmas lights.
A house in the Hearthfire neighborhood with very colorful Christmas lights.
I didn't put up any Christmas lights but had a Phillips Hue light glow green in the living room. Andrea said it looked "alien-like."
This home had a large inflatable dragon, penguin, and several other animals on its front lawn.