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Streaks & Checklists

In general, I am loathe to be enslaved to streaks, but there are a few that are important to me: riding a double century, running a marathon, and visiting a foreign each year for as long as I possibly can.

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A Year of Firsts

The year 2020 started well enough. We had drinks at the Magic Rat before moseying over...

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Double Century Streak

Below is the number of consecutive years I've ridden at least one double century. I hope...

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A Foreign Country Each Year

Beginning in 1999, I started a "foreign-country-a-year" streak. Unfortunately, it ended in the pandemic year of...

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A Perfect Record!

Many people seem to be surprised by this but I am a pretty big football fan....

Thumbnail for Visited U.S. States
Visited U.S. States

Somewhere I read that the average American has only visited three states. While I suspect that...

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CA Double Centuries

So the 2007 double century schedule for California is out now. By my count, there...

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Marathon States

Within my lifetime I would like to run a marathon in all U.S. states and the...

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10 Years of Double Centuries

By riding a self-supported double century---the Wellington-Carter Lake 200---in Colorado the other week, my streak of...

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CA County Summit Log

Here is a list of the 58 California County Summits. When I lived in California...