Cows and Cannondale.

Double Century Streak

Below is the number of consecutive years I’ve ridden at least one double century. I hope to continue this streak for as long as I am physically capable to (barring injury or death, probably five more decades). This seems reasonable to me because one of the minimum fitness standards I have for myself is that I should be able to bike 200 miles on any given day—even without training and if that meant having to ride very slowly—and fulfillment of the goal means doing so just one time each year.

Below is a list of rides I’ve done that in my view “qualifies.” Basically, I count any ride of 195.0 miles (I allow for rounding) or more in which I did not sleep for a significant amount of time at some point during those 195 miles. Right now I will define that as “sleeping more than 20 minutes.”

  1. 2020: Fort Collins Flatlands 200
  2. 2019: Rustic-Louisville 200, Fort Collins-Walden 200 on a Huffy 1-speed cruiser
  3. 2018: Fort Collins-Nebraska 200
  4. 2017: Colorado Mesa Double Century, Tim Kalisch Memorial Grand Loop Double Century
  5. 2016: Fort Collins-Walden 200 (mountain bike)
  6. 2015: Rustic 400km Brevet, Fort Collins-Nebraska 200, 11/24 days of the Trans Am Bike Race
  7. 2014: Black Forest 300km Brevet + 13 miles
  8. 2013: Fort Collins-Walden 200*, Wellington-Flats 200
  9. 2012: Fort Collins-Walden 200
  10. 2011: Colorado Springs 300km Brevet, St. Vrain 400km Brevet, St. Vrain 600km Brevet, Boston-Montreal-Boston, Fort Collins-Walden 200, Furnace Creek 508
  11. 2010: Peak-to-Peak 300km Brevet + 13 miles.
  12. 2009: Fort Collins-Walden 200
  13. 2008: Fort Collins-Nebraska 200
  14. 2007: RMCC 400km Brevet, RMCC 600km Brevet (I slept in a hotel room during this one but only after the first 400km)
  15. 2006: Wellington-Carter Lake 200
  16. 2005: Butterfield, Bay In a Day, Bass Lake Powerhouse
  17. 2004: Hemet, Mulholland, Mt. Tam, Tour of Two Forests
  18. 2003: Davis 400K Brevet, Davis 600K Brevet, Paris-Brest-Paris
  19. 2002: Knoxville Fall Classic, Heartbreak, Death Valley
  20. 2001: Devil Mountain, Knoxville Fall Classic
  21. 2000: Solvang, Terrible Two, Knoxville Fall Classic
  22. 1999: Solvang, Devil Mountain, Central Coast, Davis, Terrible Two
  23. 1998: Solvang, Davis Double, Eastern Sierra
  24. 1997: Death Valley, Davis, Grand Tour
  25. 1996: Davis

*Slept more than 20 minutes so technically not a double century without changing the criteria outlined above.

Cows and Cannondale.
Cows and Cannondale.