For most people, cars are mere transportation that will bring them from Point A to Point B. For owners of vintage automobiles — particularly British or Italian ones — there is a certain pride in “just getting there” considering that the functional state of those cars can never be taken for granted. This section chronicles some of my mishaps — er, adventures — with “cars with character.”

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07.20.15 2005 PT Cruiser GT Repair Log
08.27.10 Hypermiling the TT
01.02.09 2001 Audi TT Repair Log
01.26.08 '69 MGB Repair Log
01.17.08 '91 Alfa Romeo Spider Repair Log
11.15.07 She Made It!
02.03.07 Sporting Pleasures
07.27.06 Goldie's Drive to Colorado
06.20.06 She Roars Again
06.27.02 Goldie Gets Back on the Road
12.21.98 The Road to San Diego
10.19.98 Crossing the Line on Labor Day Weekend
04.18.96 The Muffed-Up Muffler
01.07.96 Coming Through in the Clutch
11.23.95 Keeping the Faith on Thanksgiving Day