Featured photo for MGOC Mt. Hamilton Tour

MGOC Mt. Hamilton Tour

Posted pics from the MGOC Mt. Hamilton Tour.

MG's all lined up at the Jack and the Box off of Alum Rock Rd.  That's Randy in the foreground, facing Dan Shockey's MGB GT.
Halfway up the mountain, we stopped at a little rest stop.  Here is a MGB GT and roadster going back out to go up to Lick Observatory.
A dark green MGB GT following.
Already at the top was the Mini Mania club!  You can say that British cars dominated Lick Observatory this morning!
A nice green mini on its way out.  Even a new BMW Mini was here, but unfortunately none of the pictures I took of it turned out well.
At the back: my BMW Z3 next to Jennifer Steneberg's MGA.  Lina was substituting for Goldie today because their busy owner (me) still hadn't got around to adjusting Goldie's valves or retorquing the cylinder head yet.
Following Jennifer's red MGA and other MG's down the backside of Hamilton.
Lina doing her best MG impression at The Junction.  "BMW stands for British Motor Works today," suggested Bob Wall, the organizer of this tour.
Now following a rubber bumper B onto Mines Rd.  It was a spirited tour; amazingly, the MG's were almost going too fast for the Z3!