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MGs by the Bay

For the first time since I-don’t-know-when, the MG Owners’ Club’s annual car show was held at a location other than Jack London Square in Oakland. This was due to logistical and cost reasons. It would be hard to find a venue as nice as JLS, but with San Leandro Marina, I think this was done.

The view of the San Francisco Bay was gorgeous, and there was easy and ample parking for all 100 or so cars that were in display. While the crowds were not nearly as large as at JlS due to not having a plethora of shops and dining establishments to attract local residents, there was still a good turnout of spectators. El Torito, which was situated right behind all of the cars, had a lunch deal going for the MGOC members. In addition, in front of El Torito was a new band brought in this year (instead of Bev and Tom Morgan, who had done a great job providing live music for us the last few years). This band was called “The Hot Rods” and sang many great oldies from the 60s which, in my opinion, produced the greatest songs of all time. The Hot Rods did an excellent job, whose repetoire included several Beach Boys classics like “Little Deuce Coupe” and “409”, and Bev Morgan was even called up to help them out with a few numbers.

I got to see friends from the MG Owners’ Club for the first time in a while (sorry, everyone), including Bev Morgan, Bob Stine, Bob Wall, Dan Shockey, George Steneberg, and Mike Jacobsen, among others. I really enjoyed the show and as George remarked, “the cars seem to get better and better every year.”

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At MGs by the Bay at the San Leandro Marina (instead of Jack London Square), live 50s & 60s music was played by "The Hot Rods" in front of El Torito.  They were fantastic!
A shiny black MG TF..
A whole row of cream-colored MGAs.
This MGA was converted to electric in 1999, and has a range of 40-50 miles on a single charge in addition to having a top speed of about 65 mph. The owner claimed he had "the only British car that does not leak oil" (though Bob Stine would later make that claim...)
Beautiful custom burled walnut for the dashboard in this MGA.
Robert Milner's 1967 MGB/GT had a Buick V8 (with Rover heads), Camaro 5-speed transmission, and 1989 Jaguar XJ6 wheels.
An aggressive face on this chrome-bumpered MGB.
Bill Hiland brought a beautiful 1950 YA sedan to the show..
This is Mike Jacobsen's very nice 1958 ZB Var.  He also had his blue MGA roadster at the show.
On the left is Terry Sanders imposing 1937 SA drophead coupe (
Rear view of the PA, which Dan got back on the road after its engine threw a rod (if I recall correctly) a few years ago.  It was purchased in Belfast, Ireland.
Very colorful MGBs.  The one on the left is Bill Hiland's, and just got a new paint job about 9 days ago.  Dan Shockey did much of the work under the bonnet including rebuidling the engine.
Look!  Bob Stine's 1968 MGB did not leak a single drop of oil!  Bob had just replaced the clutch which was saturated with oil due to a leak main seal (which apparently must no longer be leaky!)
The San Leandro Marina was fantastic, with great views by the harbor.
In addition to all the MGs, there was a Triumph, but in the form of a motorcycle.