Featured photo for Mission Peak, CA
Photo: Luping Huang

Mission Peak, CA

Hiking up Mission Peak in Fremont, CA, numerous times between April-May 2005 in order to train for Mt. Shasta. Most of these hikes would be with Wendy, who is a lot of fun, and a loaded pack (usually 32 lbs., but later on, 42 lbs.) Click here for photos.

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To train for a Mt. Shasta summit attempt, Wendy and I hit Mission Peak almost every Tue and Thu with loaded packs (e.g., 32-42 lbs).
Photo: Luping Huang
Wendy at the top on a beautiful spring day.  This was before she was loading up her pack with things like bottles of champagne.
On this Saturday I went up with Adrian, Evelyn, and Sharon, with no pack.  Here's a hangglider dude coming down for a landing with Evelyn looking on.
The hangglider dude lands safely.  It was fascinating to watch.
Made it to the top.  Adrian laughs about something while Sharon looks down below.
Evelyn at the top.
Sharon and a view of the foothills to the north.
A good photo of the switchbacks below.
The foothills to the east, with a lone house below.
Photo: Wendy