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Moving With Sports Cars

After 7.5 happy years in the All-America City of Fremont, CA, I am moving! Gone are all of the large pieces of furniture; however, despite all my best efforts to simplify, I still had quite of bit of stuff to move. This included 3 bicycles, 6 boxes, and many bags of gear for climbing, camping, swimming, running, cycling, etc. How was the move accomplished without a moving truck? See the photos below!

With her luggage rack, Goldie can actually carry fairly large packages.  During the move she brought a bike box over to Tori's.
Here she is now carryin The Tank along with a lot of boxes inside.
She was quite stuffed on the inside.  The photo doesn't show it very well but there were actually quite a few boxes stuffed behind the two seats!
Elaina (the Alfa) was even able to carry more!  Here she is on her 2nd -- and last -- moving trip to bring stuff to be stored in my mom and dad's attic.
The car was so stuffed though it was hard to shift into 4th gear, so I would shift from 3rd to 5th...
ALL of this (plus the road bike and some of my aunts videocassettes and cds) fit in the Alfa!