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Who Says That Sports Cars Are Impractical?

Of all the cars I have ever owned, only one of them has had more than two seats—and that was a Porsche 944 Turbo. So folks have accused me on more than one occasion of being entirely impractical. Not so!

It’s all relative. Heck, if the Vietnamese can carry babies or long pieces of lumber with their motorbikes, sports cars are absolutely utilitarian. Plus, they have on occasion carried more than you might think they could.

There was a time when my 1969 MGB transported two young ladies from college around the bay, with one of them sitting sideways on the rear parcel shelf as if it was a bench. In hindsight, that wasn’t exactly legal in light of what I believe were mandatory seat belt laws in California back then, but we were young and free.

Around that time, I also managed to transport my friends Loren and Stacey, our rock climbing gear, and Stacey’s mountain bike all in the same car. That definitely was not legal, but we only had to go less than a mile. The mountain bike was attached to the MGB bicycle rack I designed in college, similar to how I transported my road bike thousands of miles to numerous events. Also a mountain bike.

In a prior post I have already demonstrated how the ’69 MGB was able to transport a bike box. Or move a mountain bike, a ton of boxes AND a recumbent bicycle simultaneously.

The 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider was just as utilitarian. Here it is transporting my road bike and most of my worldly possessions shortly after I sold my San Francisco Bay Area home and embarked on the Great American Road Trip. It was also able to carry a ladder my new home, many months later.

That was back in 2005. Nowadays, being far removed from being a poor college student, I am happy to use my “second car”—i.e., a rental car—for carrying big stuff. Or hiring movers instead, as in the case of a piano purchase.

Yet, this year, it was just more convenient to use my primary vehicle for a couple of errands. Such as Teeter transporting several 10-feet long pieces of 2″ inside-diameter PVC pipe… or a 10-foot tall aspen tree.

Transporting the tree back home actually turned out to be something of a mini-epic. This is not because of the tree’s height, but because it started raining hard shortly into the 30-minute drive.

Well, at least that kept the tree hydrated.

“You show those truck boys who the real king is,” my friend Kenny said upon seeing the photos below. Yes, who needs a truck?

Photo: yellow MGB convertible, large cardboard box on luggage rack, bike box
My yellow 1969 MGB convertible carrying a large bike box on its luggage rack. (01 Jun 2015)
Photo: yellow MGB convertible, custom bike rack mounted to luggage rack, carrying blue mountain bike
My yellow 1969 MGB convertible carrying a mountain bike on its custom bike rack. (24 Jun 2006)
Photo: yellow MGB carrying blue mountain bike on custom bike rack, orange townhouse, garage
When I moved from Fremont in 2005, the MGB carried my blue Raleigh mountain bike from my cousin's house. (14 Jul 2005)
Photo: MGB interior, boxes, recumbent bicycle frame inside cabin
I was able to carry an unbelievable amount of stuff inside the cabin of the MGB, including a recumbent bicycle frame and many boxes. (14 Jul 2005)
Photo: green 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider carrying red bicycle on bike rack
My 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider was even able to carry more! Here she is on her 2nd--and last--moving trip to bring stuff to be stored in my mom and dad's attic. (25 Jul 2005)
Photo: bags, boxes, moving day
ALL of this (plus the road bike and some of my aunts videocassettes and cds) fit in the Alfa! (25 Jul 2005)
Photo: moving boxes inside green 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider interior
The Alfa Romeo Spider was so stuffed with boxes that it was hard to shift into 4th gear, so I would shift from 3rd to 5th... (25 Jul 2005)
Photo: green 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider carrying ladder, inside garage, red Cannondale road bike, red recumbent bicycle frame on workbench
My Alfa Romeo Spider carrying a ladder to my new home. (16 Dec 2005)
Photo: silver 2001 Audi TT Roadster carrying PVC pipe, Home Depot
My 2001 Audi TT Roadster was able to carry 10-foot PVC pipe from Home Depot for my duct tape paddleboard project. (05 May 2012)
Photo: silver 2001 Audi TT Roadster carrying Aspen tree with top down
My 2001 Audi TT Roadster was able to bring an Aspen tree to my home! (09 Jul 2012)
Photo: yellow 1969 MGB roadster, custom bike rack carrying bicycle, red Cannondale
My yellow 1969 MGB roadster carrying my Cannondale road bike en route to the Palo Alto British Car Show across from the Stanford Shopping Center. (08 Sep 2002)