Featured photo for Squamish, BC

Squamish, BC

“Squamish: the Recreational Capital of Canada,” proclaimed a sign demarking the start of this area. Indeed, this is a famous place for rock climbing, and the Winter Olympics will even be held here in 2010. In addition to camping here overnight, I did a little bit of hiking and bouldering in Smoke Bluffs Park.

Squamish is the self-proclaimed outdoor recreation capital of Canada.
This was one of the most interesting drives I have done, with granite cliffs to my right and trees, the ocean, and mountains emerging from the water to my left (not shown).
My trusty Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight in Paradise Valley Campground (a private campground).
Elaina in Paradise Valley.
Felix Wong attempting some bouldering moves in Smoke Bluffs Park.
This was a nice finger crack.  Lots of climbing routes throughout the entire area.
Ladder to one of the routes.
Could you imagine living here right next to the crags?  The people who own these homes do.
Again, a great drive!
Overlooking the bluffs in the Strait of Georgia at Murrin Provincial Park south of Squamish.
Having had something of a caloric deficit all weekend, I treated myself to a root beer float.  Yes, A&W Root Beer is here (which, may I point out, was founded in Lodi, California, near where I grew up!)
Ok, I got a preview of Vancouver's wet winters... in late August.  Last night was the first time during the entire trip I had to use the rain fly on my tent!