Featured photo for Stevens Canyon, CA

Stevens Canyon, CA

I may have complained about road running near Los Altos the other day, but let me tell you that mountain biking here is spectacular! Today Ken and Jim invited me out to ride up Montebello Rd. and down through the Stevens Creek area on our mountain bikes. The Montebello climb took about one hour and ten minutes on the 33-lb Tank and the top was engulfed in a dense finger-chilling fog. It was well worth it, however, as we were rewarded by a spectacular descent down well-groomed trails and singletrack through a freshly scented, densely shrubbed forest. Truly some of the best mountain biking I have done thus far!

It was even foggier at the top of Montebello.
Following Ken down a beautiful trail enclosed by trees.
Jim and Ken inspect a downed branch.
Near the top of Montebello Rd. was quite foggy.