Home bike lights.

More Nude Cycling

“You know how it is looking for something online,” wrote my friend T. (abbreviated here to obfuscate her identity), “sometimes you find it right away and other times you find random stuff on the way. Well, when I came across this site during a search I knew I had to share it with you.”

She added, “Geeky engineering bike stuff and nude women… strange combination for sure… but I didn’t think you’d find anything offensive about naked chicks and bikes together in one picture.”

It turns out T. was right; I didn’t find anything offensive about them. In fact, I found her link so informative about high-powered bicycle lighting systems I thought I’d pass it on just in case someone wanted to build their own lights.

Don’t laugh. I actually did just that back in college (and no this wasn’t even for a class), as I was convinced I could design a better lighting system than anything that was currently on the market. Unfortunately this illusion went up in smoke—literally—when one day the NiCad battery pack I soldered together basically caught on fire resulting in me tearing it apart through an open window before the dormitory’s fire alarm could go off. Here’s even a photo of these lights, sans exploded battery pack:

Home bike lights.
Home bike lights.

Somehow, however, I don’t think many readers came to this page entitled “nude cycling” to look at my bike lights, even though they all tie in together. Really. Or at least the website that T. forwarded clearly demonstrates how. But first, a bit of a warning.

WARNING: The website below contains nudity and is absolutely NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK! Please do not copy-and-paste the URL into your web browser if you were, for example, absolutely appalled when Janet Jackson thwapped her baps out during her “wardrobe malfunction” in Super Bowl XXXVIII or—as another example—you are a religious zealot who thought it was perfectly all right to watch incredibly violent and bloody scenes from The Passion of the Christ but are militantly offended by images of beautiful and unclothed females.

Anyhow, now that you’ve read that disclaimer, here it is:

  • http://nordicgroup.us/s78/indexn.html

Nudity aside, the website’s photos are particularly well-done and, dare I say, informative.

You gotta love the captions too. My favorites include:

  • “The front reflector, if it exists at all, is blocked by the front basket. Pay no attention to the woman who is obviously trying in vain to take attention away from the bicycle.”
  • “Denmark is very bicycle friendly… The police ignore nudity in favor of solving crimes…”
  • “This cyclist, riding a reproduction of a classic cruiser, is not serious about riding at night despite the battery powered light on the front fender and her cycling cap hanging on the handlebars. It almost looks like she’s posing.”

If you need more evidence that cycling in the buff is gaining in popularity around the world, see my last year’s post entitled Nude Cycling.