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Penticton, BC

Penticton, British Columbia, was a real surprise.

Now, I was aware that this town was home to a number of world-class events—including Ironman Canada that Lisa swam 2.4 miles in—but other than that I knew nothing about this town. So just looking around after arriving here was an eye-opening experience. For one thing, the stereotype of Canada being one cold, unpopulated piece of tundra did not apply here.

Here is a list of things that surprised me:

  • There are beaches! The ones in Penticton are by two large lakes—Lake Okanagan and Lake Skaha.
  • It can get very warm in the summer. Temperatures routinely hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius).
  • This place gets even less rain than my hometown of Fort Collins: only 12 inches (305 millimeters). Unfortunately it shows—the hills are rather dry and brown.
  • There are wineries here (supposedly, even world-class ones)! In fact, there are 88 within a one-hour drive. One of the locals claimed there are more wineries here than Napa Valley.
  • Downtown is cute, clean, and walkable with a good mix of restaurants.

Lisa and I had a decent Indian lunch here, and the next day ran/walked part of the Ironman run course (about seven miles) including a good stretch on Main Street.

Unfortunately, we could not stay here during the nights due to Penticton’s woefully inadequate supply of lodging, but what can you expect from a small town of 32,000 people?

Apparently, a lot!

Of course, Lisa came to participate in Ironman Canada!
The day before the race we went for a swim in Lake Okanagan.  The water was a comfortable temperature to swim in without a wetsuit (at least for half an hour).
Another shot of downtown.
We went running, and came across this sign.  Since I am more brain-injured than Lisa, I was the one to pose with it for this photo.
Another funny sign!
This is Skaha Lake, which the run (and the bike) of Ironman Canada goes by.
Skaha Lake again.
I guess Mighty Mouse was doing Ironman Canada too.
Lisa after checking out the expo.
Penticton is a town in south-central British Columbia with a cute downtown.