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Landscape Update

At last! My landscaping project is done—for now. Actually, I (and some outsourced help in the form of college kids) completed work last week, but haven’t had a chance to document it until this moment.

Below are some before-and-after photos. As you can see, I stuck pretty close to the original plan I drew up in July.


[Before] Overhead view.
[Before] Landscaping in front of the deck.
[Before] Landscaping in the center left of the back yard.


[After] Overhead view of the back yard, with flagstone and many more perennials.  May install more shrubs and perennials by the rear fence next year.
[After] Landscaping in front of the deck.
[After] Landscaping in the center left of the back yard.

“House projects never end” is an observation my mom frequently makes. It holds true in this case. I can think of several tasks that still needs to be done:

  • Plant 2-3 shrubs by the rear fence.
  • Add steel edging along the newly placed rock by the rear fence.
  • Plant about a dozen perennials in the mulched area in front of the rear fence, but beyond the flagstone.
  • After the new perennials are added, install drip lines for them.

But I think this years’ improvements are “good enough” for now and the above work can wait until next year. I may even plan some enhancements for the front yard next year, but I want to see how well the back yard plants survive first.

Meanwhile, I am really hoping that with all the new shredded cedar mulch (six cubic yards!), flagstone and rock, I won’t need to spend so much time pulling weeds in the upcoming years. Of course, with the first freeze around the corner (probably mid- to late- October), weeding—or any yard work for that matter—becomes unnecessary until April. That is one thing I definitely appreciate about the Colorado winters.

[After] Most of the perennials to the right of the deck stayed in bloom even in September.
[After] New blue veronica speedwell in the foreground.
[After] Landscaping by the right rear fence.
[After] The new perennials to the left of the house are out of bloom, but I hope they will look nicer next year.
To my surprise, my garden plot produced some pimientos.
Some cherry tomato plants also produced tomatoes.
The pimientos tasted good.
[Before] Landscaping to the right of the deck.
[In progress] Putting the drip lines in after planting many perennials.
A dump truck unloaded one ton of rock and six cubic yards of shredded mulch on my driveway.