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Hearthfire MTBing

The weekend of last month’s Boulder 100 was the last time we got any rain out here, and likely the final time for 2007. Ever since then, we’ve just had magnificently sunny and comfortable weather with highs usually in the 60s. To celebrate, I finally took Cranky the Mountain Bike out for a spin to explore some of the trails right behind my back yard.

It was a wonderful diversion in the middle of the day, just putzing around Hearthfire by the lake, bouncing up and down over some gnarly ruts, and sprinting to the top of some 30-feet high “dirt piles” in the neighborhood. Some of these have been popular with kids on BMX bikes, and I could see why.

Trail by Richards Lake.
This looked like it would be a good picnic spot, just a stone's throw from home.
I went up this, it was fun.
Lots of rut here...
I passed on going down this 45-degree incline, although I bet some BMXers in the neighborhood did not!
Heading back home, with the Front Range beyond.
It was such a beautiful November afternoon, I took Cranky out for a ride on some of the dirt paths behind the back yard.