Featured photo for Tori’s Visit

Tori’s Visit

“I thought you said it’s always sunny in Fort Collins,” Tori teased as a layer of fluffy snow slowly built up in the back yard.

It’s curious how it seems like whenever friends from out of state come here, sub-optimal weather coincides with their visit. For example, in January 2007 John’s visit occurred on by far the three most bitterly cold days I’ve ever experienced (a high of 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit)—only for the temperatures to return to 30 degrees the day after he left. Then, during Tori’s first visit last year, we had a heat wave resulting in two of the hottest days of the year (99 degrees).

And now—after getting zero rain and virtually no snow in Fort Collins the last 2.5 months—Mother Nature decided to drop some powder on us the last two days of Tori’s visit. None of it actually stuck to pavement, but it did leave the trees and fields look befitting of a winter wonderland—and provided Tori many opportunities to give me a ribbing for my “it’s almost always sunny!” comments.

Ah, well… the sun actually did come out each of the days she was here, along with blue sky—just for a couple hours each day. And it wasn’t very cold. We still had fun, and Tori got to see a glimpse of the several cool towns in Northern Colorado, including Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, and Estes Park. (Fort Collins too of course, although she’s already seen much of Fort Collins during her last two visits.)

We also did a lot of house hunting. Tori has some very specific requirements, but Cyrus, her real estate agent, worked really hard to come up with a number of possibilities. On the last day, we saw a home that she really liked (me too). It was encouraging, because after all her trips to Fort Collins (and Bend), we finally found a house that met all her requirements. Hopefully she can get it.

Of course, the day after Tori left, the snow had already melted away and gorgeous spring weather was back. See Tori, it’s sunny!

Of course, the day after Tori leaves, the snow was already gone and the spring weather was back.  See Tori, it's sunny!
A crowd gathered around a flame juggler at Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.
On Sunday it started snowing so for the rest of the weekend Tori would constantly tease me for claiming it's almost always sunny in Fort Collins (but it's true!)
We spent most of the weekend house hunting for Tori.  Here's a home both of us really liked.
On our way to Estes Park, other drivers kept flashing their lights at me.  Why?  Because around the corner was this flock of [whatever these animals are called].
Downtown Estes Park has a lot of character.
Estes Park is gorgeous.  Here is Lake Estes.
When we first passed by these, Felix Wong said "hey look, a cow!," but they were actually moose.
On the way back from the Denver International Airport, we stopped in Boulder for lunch.  Here's Tori enjoying a falafel from Falafel King.