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Boston Marathon

Today was the day, and I am done! My endurance wasn’t quite there today, but that’s all right considering that this was not the course to try to set a personal best on, nor was I going to win. Below are some e-mail excerpts I sent to some friends in a local running group:

Wow! That is pretty neat that you knew the results before I did! I will be meeting Eddie and Danny at the “Pour House” soon so will offer my congrats to them then.

As you could guess from my splits, I totally fell apart in the second half (legs were on the verge of cramping at Mile 18, well before Heartbreak Hill!), but was happy that I still managed to keep it together enough (if 9-minute pace can qualify as that) to accomplish my stated goal of “anything under 3:30.” Not sure what happened since I thought I was being conservative in the first half; I think I might have been eating too much.

Still, legs aside, it was a great experience! Probably the best-organized event I’ve ever been to plus there’s the history, sights and crowds.

My favorite part was the “scream tunnel” at the midway point where I exchanged high-fives with, I think, 99% of the Wellesley women on the right side of the road. And then there were all the cute women passing me in the second half.

Somehow I missed the John Kelley statue though. Oh well!

Off to meet Eddie now,

I return home tomorrow night, and will probably post photos sometime in the next two days. In the meantime, I still have half a day to check out Hartford, Connecticut in front of me. Surprisingly, my legs aren’t all that sore right now (I think all the walking after the marathon really helped) but it remains to be seen if that is still the case tomorrow.

Time Splits

Mile 1: 7:30
Mile 2: 7:12
Mile 3: 7:10
Mile 4: 7:02
Mile 5: 7:23
Mile 6: 7:08
Mile 7: 7:11
Mile 8: 7:31
Mile 9: 7:36
Mile 10: 7:34
Mile 11: 7:32
Mile 12: 7:26
Mile 13: 7:34
Mile 14: 7:49
Mile 15: 7:55
Mile 16: 7:29
Mile 17: 8:27
Mile 18: 8:27
Mile 19: 8:20
Mile 20-21: 18:16 (9:08/mile—includes Heartbreak Hill)
Mile 22: 8:20
Mile 23: 8:55
Mile 24: 8:43
Mile 25.2: 10:49 (9:01/mile)
Mile 26.2: 9:30

First Half: 1:36:38
Second Half: 1:52:09
Total: 3:28:46 (7:58/mile)
Overall place: 6313/21948
Division place: 2717/4681
Male place: 5298/13019
Official results

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... while I tried out the massage stick.  Hmmm, I may have to get one of these -- it felt very nice.
Athletes' Village in Hopkington.
Eddie and Danny chillin' before the race.
Other runners before the race.
"Runners, start your legends."
Eddie and Felix Wong getting ready for the start.
Danny and Eddy before the start.
The crocs booth.
Getting space blankets after the finish.
This Adidas ad had my name on it!
Photo: Eddie Metro
There were Boston Marathon signs all over the streets of Boston.
The bleachers in front of the public library, just steps away from the finish line.
Going through a circus tent with Tammy & Adam at the pasta feed the night before the race.
A tall guy at the circus.
A woman with a whip.
On the morning of the Boston Marathon, we hopped on these school buses at Boston Common to go to the start line in Hopkington.
At the Boston Marathon expo, Eddie tried on some Mizuno shoes...