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Maine Memories

Yesterday was an excellent day. Clear skies, warm temperatures (70-80 degrees Fahrenheit), and amazing scenery along the Maine Coast.

I stopped by the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum which was really interesting, and stopped in Camden during the evening. I also did a 3.5-mile hike up and down Mt. Battie in Camden, which was very steep and probably not the greatest idea for getting ready for the Boston Marathon on Monday, but absolutely worth it from a surreal spiritual sense with the views from up above.

It’s also funny to say this, but I am in love with my rental car! Yes, a Ford… the sky blue Mustang Convertible I wrote about yesterday. What a fabulous machine! America can build great cars!

Off on my last drive in the ‘Stang back to Manchester, New Hampshire. Then, I should be in Boston not too long after hopping on a free shuttle from the Manchester Airport. Signing off from the beautiful city of Portland, Maine.

Like New Hampshire, Maine is densely forested.
In Westport, Maine (southeast of Wiscasset), GPS failed me and took me onto this narrow, dirt road.
Classic New England architecture.
In downtown Wiscasset, I found Red's Eats which is world famous for its lobster rolls.  Unfortunately, it was closed!
The General Store off of Main St. in Wiscasset ("Maine's Prettiest Little Town.")
Picnic tables by the Sheepscot River.
I stopped by Moody's Diner for lunch for an authentic New England experience.
I loved all the trees in Maine.  This is the road going to the Owls Head Transportation Museum.
Downtown Richland, Maine looked nice.
Lake Sebago.