Torture Chamber, CO

Right after the Horsetooth trash pickup, I drove a couple miles down the road to check out the Torture Chamber: a group of rocks that was supposed to be good for bouldering. The rock was great—Dakota sandstone with brick-like features along with overhangs, cracks, and chimneys—but was a little cold to the touch in the morning since the sun was on the other side. Still, it was fun, especially after Dana and Nick came by to join me.

More information on the Torture Chamber can be found at the excellent site. Here are some photos.

After trash pickup duties, I stopped by the Torture Chamber to check out the rock.Felix Wong doing some bouldering.In a little bit, Nick and Dana stopped by to join me.Nick on the Torture Chamber Traverse.Dana on a funky chimney problem.This had to be the closest approach ever to a rock (like 10 feet).

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