Featured photo for One Bold Workout

One Bold Workout

Today my article entitled “One Bold Workout” was in Fort Collins Now (April 11, 2008). It was about bouldering with Creighton and Nick at Piano Ridge in the Horsetooth Reservoir area in Fort Collins. You can read it here (PDF, 1.1 MB).

It wasn’t until I did some research for this article that I fully appreciated what a world-class area we have for the sport, a region steeped in bouldering history. There are still plenty of other bouldering areas I need to check out that’s even closer to me, notably Rotary Park with something like 75 bouldering problems.

Nick giving a boulder problem a go.
View of the Horsetooth Reservoir.
Nick on a boulder problem.
Creighton hanging off a crack.
Nick under a overhang.
Lots of rock to boulder on up here, just across the road (CR-23) from Duncan's Ridge in Fort Collins.