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Animals in Oaxaca

Considering the way a couple dogs were barking at us like we were masked robbers, I cannot claim that los perros in Mexico are mute like the ones in Panama. However, I also can’t say the dogs were doing a good job of being frightening since their ruckus only prompted me to walk back towards them and take their picture—something Sarah, Widhar and Ojudju would tease me about as we ambled toward Teotitlan del Valle.

Other gregarious animals we encountered included gallos (roosters), gallinas (hens), vacas (cows), toros (bulls), guajalotes (turkeys), and even a serpiente (snake). There were also many birds that Sarah admired, but I couldn’t tell you their species in either English or español.

Dogs seemed to be the predominant four-legged creature on the streets of Oaxaca, however, and most were not only quiet but rather lazily cuddled up next to a wall, hardly even lifting an eyebrow as we walked one foot past them. It was actually quite fitting for the relaxed ambience of Oaxaca de Juárez, at least near the cultural center of Santo Domingo.

But don’t ask me where the gatos (cats) were. I did not see even one!

Dead snake.
Turkeys in Capulalpan de M̩ndez.
Another view of the turkeys in Capulalpan de M̩ndez.
Toro (bull).
Another lazy dog, this one in Oaxaca.
Dogs being sold in a market in Oaxaca.
Puppy in Oaxaca.
Bird perched on Yoaquin's hand as he rode his Cannondale mountain bike in Teotitlan del Valle.
This lazy but content dog hardly lifted an eyebrow as Sarah walked by in Teotitlan del Valle
White rooster in Teotitlan del Valle.
Chicken and dog in Teotitlan del Valle.
Sarah giving Bobby a hug in Lachatao
Gallos y gallinas  (roosters and hens).
Turkeys and other birds in Capulalpan de M̩ndez.
Cow watching as dogs cruised on by in Capulalpan de M̩ndez.
Dogs in Teotitlan del Valle. Sarah and friends were teasing me for stopping to take their picture instead of running away while they barked.