Parking Sign in Stockton, CA

A friend forwarded the following photo of a parking sign from my childhood hometown of Stockton, California. I thought I’d pass it along because it contains some excellent advice.

Of course, the problem is that if you don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle, the thieves might just decide to take the whole car! Stockton, after all, is currently the #4 best place in the U.S. to get your car stolen.

A Police Officer’s Comment

My friend Bev, a policewoman in the San Francisco Bay area, had the following to say after seeing the above photo:

I had to travel to Stockton for court and I was a little nervous even in a cop car….with a handgun….and a shotgun….and an AR15. That place has gone to h*ll.

The best advice, then, may be to just not park your car in Stockton at all.

Parking sign in Stockton. (Photo forwarded from Michele G.; original source unknown.)

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