Featured photo for Picasso & Wine

Picasso & Wine

“Let’s pick a date,” wrote Tori. “For when we can all do drunk painting.”

It’s been a while since my right hand wielded a paintbrush while the rest of me was getting buzzed—at least if you discount the holiday party where I counted the yellow half-inch half-moon and bicycling stick figure as my contributions to a communal piece of artwork. In fact, the last time I tried to create a painting worthy of being hung up in hallway corner was six years ago when I somehow got Lisa to paint a tree for me. She refused to sign it, but visitors have commented that it was “pretty good.”

But then Lisa, Tori, Raquel and I all purchased Living Social vouchers for a new art place in nearby Windsor called Picasso and Wine. For $17, we’d have two hours to imitate the the shop’s daily featured painting, with an 18″ X 24″ canvas, acrylic paints, and glass of wine included. Oh, and most importantly for us art challenged, an instructor.

The maestra, Holly, off the bat said we could paint whatever we wanted and could go at our own paces, but due to lacking talent, I figured it was best to do what she was doing. I did, however, pick different background colors, as did Lisa and Raquel.

I guess we are pretty good at doing “Simon says” because by the end of our two hours, I’d say our paintings were worthy of being hung up in a fifth grade art gallery, or at least its basement. You can decide for yourself.

Lisa finishes up her painting while Tori looks at Raquel and her big glasses.

My painting is on the right. The primary background colors I was going for were red and orange since many of my accent accessories at home are of those hues, but as you can see, the overall painting came out a bit, er, pinkish.

I’d like to blame the color fail result on the syrah I imbibed. Especially after the owner of the shop, Sylvia Chan, came over to give me a gentle ribbing about it. “It’s so funny that you’re the only man here [out of 20 or so people who came in],” she remarked, “and yet you are the only one who chose to paint in pink!

“You must feel really secure with your masculinity,” she added. Raquel, Tori and Lisa grinned.

Sylvia then suggested that I hang it in my bedroom. I’m undecided about that, so for now, it resides on a shelf in the cat lair.

In any case, we had a great time and would highly recommend such an activity to do with a whole group of friends. And what an awesome business model! As the owner wrote on the website, Picasso and Wine provides her with “an avenue to further explore my passion for art and share that passion with others.”

Also, the painting was definitely the best I have done in my lifetime. I suspect Lisa felt the same way about hers. She even signed it.

Wine bottles with holes drilled in them for inserting x-mas lights.
Cute paintings of animals.
Holly, our art teacher today.
Raquel putting the finishing touches on her painting.
Tori signing her painting.
Creating the background of the painting.