For Rent: Bike Box in Fort Collins

I have a Trico Iron Case bike box that’s been just lying around and not being used, so I thought I’d offer it for rent to cycle tourers and triathletes living in the Fort Collins, Colorado area.


Iron Case® bicycle carriers from Trico offer the best travel protection on the market. The vacuum formed multi-channel Triconium® shell achieves the highest possible strength/weight ratio – making the Iron Case not only bullet proof, but also lightweight (31 lbs.). The bicycle is cocooned in three layers of foam, requiring a minimal amount of disassembly. Only the wheels, pedals and seat post have to be removed (handlebars on some models). There’s also room for aerobars, tools, helmets or a wetsuit. It is also UPS-able at 47″ x 30.5″ x 10.5″.

I used this case in France, including lugging it for a couple miles in Paris and Versailles (photo above). Since the case has wheels, it was no problem! I was able to bring it on the Metro there without trouble either.

Rental rates:
$30/3-day weekend

Compare to $330 for the price of buying one of these.

E-mail me at Happy bike travel.

[2 days before the race] Here I am lugging my bike case from the Versailles-Chantiers RER stop to L'Hotel Home St. Louis in Versailles.  I felt I got a lot of exercise before the race with all the bike case lugging!

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