Sunset with a Collie

I’m starting a new section on my website entitled Life’s Little Luxuries. It is for the little things in life that are inexpensive, yet give an immense amount of enjoyment.

Here’s a photo from an after-dinner stroll with Kelly and her collie Kona in my neighborhood by Richards Lake. The night was warm, the air was clear as Northern Colorado hadn’t had its series of 2012 wildfires yet, and the sunset was gorgeous.

Somehow I had remembered to take my camera along. I’m glad.

Kelly and Kona at Richard Lake at sunset.

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  • Jim B says:


    Nice idea. I have not been to your site in a while but indeed the simple things in life are worth calling out.

    I walk my dog across to the park and grab a cup of coffee. It’s a remarkably therapeutic way to relax.

    – Jim

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