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Caroling in French

After the last French Book Club meeting—in which we watched the excellent movie, Joyeux Noel—Colleen was very much in a caroling mood. So much, in fact, she proposed we sing holiday songs in French at my place a couple days later.

She was even able to round up seven of us. She and Arla both brought sheetmusic and French lyrics, and then we did our best mi-mi-mi’ing and la-la-la’ing.

I think we sounded pretty good? At the very least, we sang with gusto:


However, for some reason Tiger, our conductor, did not seem too impressed by our singing.

“I don’t really care how on-key I am,” Colleen later said. “I just sing.”

I wonder if that had anything to do with Tiger’s nonchalance.

Tiger looks on as we humans sing below.
Colleen's festive earrings.
Tiger, our conductor, did not look very impressed with our singing.
Arla playing the piano while we sang holiday songs in French.