Featured photo for Realities Ride & Rally

Realities Ride & Rally

I was bicycling back home from playing several spirited games of sand volleyball at Colorado State University when dozens of chrome-laden motorcycles caught my eye as they sat pretty on Mountain Avenue. I had no idea there was going to be a motorcycle show in downtown Fort Collins, and yet here were more motorcycles I’ve ever seen in one place. Not quite Sturgis, mind you, but more than respectable for our mid-sized town. Of course I stopped to wander around and admire the bikes.

Here are some photos.

Hooters was at the Realities Ride.
Cruisers on Mountain Ave. in Old Town Fort Collins.
The seat on this caf̩ racer did not look comfortable.
A Triumph Thruxton 900.
More bikers were coming in as I was admiring the bikes.
Presumably a woman's sport bike.
Nice modified cruiser.
Some Suzuki Gixxers.
A Honda CBR with custom paint.
I like the styling of the latest CBRs.
Ducati 748, something of a classic.
Chevy Impala.
Some 'rods.
One could test ride a motorcycle on this motorcycle treadmill.
The Realities Ride and Rally benefitted abused and neglected children.