Featured photo for Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

I know it is pretty ridiculous, but even though I have lived in Colorado for almost eight years, I have never hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park or even visited it since doing the where-should-I-live Great American Western Road Trip of 2005. At least until now, when Casey and her roommate Arissa proposed going there for a day trip during the Memorial Day weekend.

So Arissa, Casey, Diana, Katia and I piled into a Honda Accord and headed towards Estes Park. Considering how warm it has been in Colorado lately, we were astonished to see that most of the trails were still buried under a couple feet of snow.

We ended up hiking about 6.4 miles from Bear Lake Rd. to The Lock—a picturesque lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks that reminded me a bit of Lake O’Hara at Yoho National Park in Canada. One guy was even relaxing between some lakeside trees on a hammock while Katia, about 100 feet away, was feeding chipmunks nuts and a Clif Bar.

It was a good trip. Better late than never.

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Diana, Arissa and Casey keeping their balance.
In front of a nice waterfall.
Photo: Casey Onder
Snow-covered Rockies in the background.
I forget what we were talking about here.
Photo: Arissa Walberg
Chipmunk with a almond.
Katia taking Diana's photo.
Arissa in front of a lake.
The chipmunks liked Clif bars too, apparently.
One guy was resting in a hammock by Dream Lake.
Friendly chipmunk.
Diana saying hello to the chipmunk.
We were somewhat surprised to see there was so much snow still up here considering how warm it was.