Featured photo for SLTC September Pace Series 4.2M

SLTC September Pace Series 4.2M

Unlike in last week’s St. Louis Track Club’s September Pace Series 5k run, the air temperature was not oven-like and my legs were properly rested. I even drove too the race start instead of jogged. So there were less excuses for a poor performance today. Fortunately, I did not need them.

I felt that last week I started the race to quickly so right off the bat, I let three frontrunners get ahead. Runner A from last week once again was running erratically—he was even running backwards for a little bit!—but I was intent to keep the pace steady and reasonable.

After the second mile and a couple of uphills, I caught and passed one of the three frontrunners so there were only two ahead. I was slowly reeling Runner A in especially since he was walking momentarily at the Mile 2 water station, and then the course went downhill on Skinker Street and I was able to pick up the pace a little bit. But then once the course turned back into Forest Park with over a mile to go, he saw me and sped up a smudge.

I seemed to lack an extra overdrive gear and thus Runner A was able to pull away, but at least this week I was able to downshift for the last 0.2 miles and accelerate to 5:31/mile pace. My final time was 28:47 (6:51/mile), or five seconds ahead of the time of 28:52 I wrote down as my predicted time on the sign-in sheet.

Despite the not-horrid temperature of 77 degrees at the race end, I was still sweaty for 20 minutes after the race due to the high humidity. But I felt that tactically I ran a pretty decent race this time and only wish I dug deeper in the final mile.

Next week’s final September Pace Series race is 1.8 miles. That one, I think, will be less about pacing and more about grit and guts. Looking forward to it.

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Final time: 28:47 (6:51/mile)
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Runners at the end of the St. Louis Track Club's September Pace Series 4.2 mile run.
Runners at the end of the St. Louis Track Club's September Pace Series 4.2 mile run.