The Magic Seats and Enormous Cargo Capacity of a PT Cruiser

I’ve had my Cool Vanilla PT Cruiser GT for a whole year now, and so far the ownership experience has been great. The car has been robust and reliable, reasonably fun to drive with its 205-hp motor and GT-specific suspension, and is stylish both inside and out with a lot of character.

But one of the things I have been appreciating most about this retromobile is how capacious it is! Witness its “magic” seats and rear parcel shelf that give it a versatility unmatched by many vehicles.

Now, Honda calls the rear people-holders of its Fit “Magic Seats,” but I think that description is apt for the PT Cruiser as well. Probably more so because the PT Cruiser’s seats can do one thing that the Fit’s cannot, which is to be completely removed. Then the PT Cruiser practically becomes a mini cargo van with a completely flat floor.

Below are photos of its versatile modes.

The PT Cruiser's parcel shelf in its standard, highest position.The PT Cruiser's parcel shelf stowed away in a vertical position.The PT Cruiser's parcel shelf in its tailgating, "table" position.The PT Cruiser's parcel shelf in the middle position.The PT Cruiser's parcel shelf stowed away on the floor of the cargo area.The PT Cruiser's rear seats folded down.The PT Cruiser's rear seat in the "up" position.Detail of the latches holding the removable rear seats down to the floor.Removing the rear seats is easy, requiring only a couple minutes.With the rear seats removed, the PT Cruiser has enormous cargo capacity.With the passenger and rear seats folded down, the PT Cruiser can carry a road bike with both wheels still attached.A mountain bike a cruiser bike also fit pretty readily in the PT Cruiser with the rear seats bags on parcel shelf middle in position, PT Cruiser, flat floor

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