So Close to My Running Goals This Year

Up to this point, I’ve done seven races in 2019. For every one, I’ve been super close to my goal times:

What’s remarkable is that for each race, I had to give maximum effort to hit those times. Only in the Horsetooth Half Marathon did I feel that I had a little bit left in the tank at the very end.

From the above, we might be able to deduce a couple things. First, I am now very good at predicting finish times. That’s probably no surprise considering I have run hundreds of races and even developed the Fort Collins Running Club’s latest algorithms for predicting participants’ race times for their Tortoise & Hare race series. (Not to mention having made an entire business of predicting things like failure in mechanical parts.)

Second, I am also good at making goals for myself that are reasonable and attainable, yet aren’t so easy as to demand anything less than near-maximal effort.

Perhaps I could stretch some of the goals further. A five-minute mile and 19-minute 5k, perhaps?

Felix Wong running down the Poudre Canyon in the 2019 Colorado Marathon.
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