Featured photo for Northern California Nostalgia

Northern California Nostalgia

A few days after Andrea arrived in Fort Collins, we began a whirlwind trip through California. There were several reasons for this, including being able to spend the day after Thanksgiving with family and applying for a Spanish residency visa down in L.A. Of course, I wanted to show Andrea some of the places I grew up in or spent a lot of time at during much of my life.

Below are photos of some of the places in northern California we visited.

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The company I worked for in Silicon Valley used to own this building that was used in the Terminator 2 movie. Now the building belongs to Mattson Technologies.
During my first years working in Fremont, I rented a room in this house for $440/month in Newark, including garage space.
After working and saving up for several years in Silicon Valley for several years, I bought this townhome in Fremont. It appreciated a lot in only four years due to a housing bubble, after which I sold it and moved to Colorado.
Andrea by Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, California.
Andrea and Felix with my dad and mom enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner.
I went to this school from grades 4-6. It used to have a condemned building built pre-Great Depression, but it had been removed.
I went to this middle school for grades 7-8. During those years I took advanced math classes at the high school a mile away.
Felix in front of Wong's Mandarin Chinese Cuisine in Lodi. I have no relation to the owners.
A mural that says "Wheaties: Breakfast of Walldogs" in Lodi, California.
Felix Wong in front of a mural that says "Welcome to Downtown Lodi."
Andrea at Lodi Lake.