Featured photo for Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Pics from Seattle during a bike ride over from Seattle to Redmond, Washington, before riding the Seattle-to-Portland Classic bike ride with Mike.

The University of Washington campus was a gorgeous campus, kind of like a small town in itself.  Unfortunately this is the only pic I have of it, of an area near the Quad.
I biked over to Redmond from the UoW by going around the north end of Lake Washington.  This is Sandpoint Rd., I believe.
Eventually I found the Burke-Gilman Trail, which did not have too many good views of Lake Washington, but went by several rivers including this one.
The Burke-Gilman trail was very green!
Cyclist on a bridge going towards a nice home on the waterfront...
This reminded me a little bit of Venice... or even China's city of Suzhou..
Towards Redmond, the Burke-Gilman trail went by grassy areas and (not shown) several cookie-cutter condos.
The south end of Lake Washington (like 25 miles from downtown Seattle) was very pretty.  Sorry, I have no pics of downtown Seattle, which was a bit of an oversight on my part!