Featured photo for Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, CO

Another quick drive through a beautiful resort town with convertible top down and camera in hand. Estes Park is right at the eastern boundary of the Rocky Mountain National Park and is home to ~6,000 residents. From what I understand, it is starting to get fairly pricey, with home costs averaging about 43% more than Loveland, which is 30 miles east of Estes. The premium is due to the majestic views resulting from bordering the National Park.

The economy consists primarily of tourism and the service industry, and the town is home to just 6,000 residents. The small size means that I would not consider living there full-time for now, but those considering moving to or visiting resort towns such as Mt. Shasta City, Sisters, McCall and Jackson Hole should probably add Estes Park to the list as well.

The view of the Rockies to the west of Estes Park.
Downtown Estes Park.
Another shot of downtown Estes Park.
There is a lake here.
Homes among the pine along US Route 34 to Loveland, which is about 30 miles from Estes.
Driving through a rocky canyon along US Route 34 to Loveland.