Featured photo for Lory State Park, CO

Lory State Park, CO

With the snowpack thinning around Fort Collins, I figured I’d better take advantage of the snow while still possible. Hence, today I went for a snowshoe run at nearby Lory State Park, about a 20-minute drive from where I live. It was fun to explore the mountains I gaze upon daily while working on the computer, and that seemingly no one else chose to today just added to the serenity of being out there in the woods.

With the snow melting over the last few weeks, my snowshoes only sunk about 0.7-1″ with every footstep, meaning that they weren’t really needed for flotation. However, their cleats provided sure-footed traction, something I fully appreciated after trying to run without them for about five minutes.

Snowshoe running here was infinitely easier than back in my neighborhood a month ago when my feet were sinking eight or more inches. This proved to be an excellent way to cross-train while being out among the trees and pure-white powder.

Felix Wong beginning his snowshoe run.
The Well Gulch Trail was for hikers only, though there are other trails where mountain bikers and horses can roam (at least when there's no snow!)
Continuing on the Well Gulch Trail.
On the Timber Line Trail one can get high enough to look down upon the trees, Horsetooth mountain range, and Fort Collins.
The Alfa Romeo in the winter wonderland.
Red rock by Lory State Park and the Horsetooth Reservoir.