Fall is Here!

Never mind that it was 79 degrees Fahrenheit today, with beautiful top-down convertible weather. Fall is here, as evidenced by the changing Colorado colors. My back yard—and all of Fort Collins—is speckled with gold, orange, red, and green.

The grass has stopped growing and so have the weeds. It is time to rejoice that no yard work will be necessary for the next six months. On the other hand, if history serves as an accurate guide, it probably will not rain more than three or four times during that time either. Actually, the weather guessers are forecasting a chance of rain (maybe even some thunderstorms) for Saturday and Sunday, while I run the Boulder 100. That would probably make the race even more interesting than I care for. Quick, someone sacrifice a chocolate rabbit to the rain gods, now!

[October 11, 2007] Beautiful fall colors.

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