A Wilson football on an ottoman.

The Patriots Could Be In Trouble

I really don’t care much for baseball, but when the World Series came around a few months ago, I favored the Boston Red Sox over the Colorado Rockies. Even though I was a big L.A. Lakers fan in the 80s and 90s, I am happy that the Boston Celtics are dominating the NBA right now. Likewise, I’ve been rooting for the New England Patriots all season.

Ah, yes—it must be a Boston year for me, as I start my preparations for running in this April’s 112th edition of the Boston Marathon.

The problem, though, with rooting for the Patriots against the New York Giants in today’s Super Bowl is that when it comes to football, I have less than a stellar record. For example, last year in the playoffs I had a perfect losing record, where 100% of all the teams I rooted for lost. Yes, one-hundred-point-zero percent! That is even worse than this year’s Miami Dolphins, who—in the 15th week of the season—managed to win one game (after which, by the way they were celebrating, you’d have thought the Dolphins had just won the Super Bowl).

Clearly, then, the odds of the Giants winning have been greatly improved by my rooting for the Pats!

I realize I am being negative, so let me end this post with a video of a great song by the Bad Boys from Boston (Aerosmith) called “Amazing.” It even features “the Aerosmith chick,” Alicia Silverstone, who once lived in San Mateo, California, just like Tom Brady. Enjoy, and may the Patriots be “amazing” today in Super Bowl XLII.

A Wilson football on an ottoman.
A Wilson football on an ottoman.