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Brewery Tour

Nineteen different beers. That’s how many Lisa, Rob, Tori and I—all supposedly lightweights—tasted in the “Napa Valley of the Beer World” (Northern Colorado) in the course of one afternoon. Actually, this was just within a one-square-mile area of downtown Fort Collins. There were a couple more breweries we could have hit in the Fort if we had time to walk a little farther, or the desire to become even more inebriated.

We met up at Odell’s first, then walked over to New Belgium (the nation’s first wind-powered brewery), and finally, Coopersmith’s. By the time we arrived at Coopersmith’s we’ve already tried 18 different beers, so clearly, we were slacking off at our final brewery. Instead, we had pizza. Afterwards, we headed over to the Starry Night CafĂ© mainly to satisfy a particular coffee addict among us, and then over to Bisetti’s next door where Lisa and I split a delicious cup of cake batter ice cream.

It was a fun day of beer, food, and conversation—although next time, we’ll probably just hit one or two breweries. As lightweights we had already overachieved today.

Here is a map of our walking route.

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Rob & Tori and Lisa & I got large & small samplers.  Here is the large sampler.
Photo: Lisa
I thought that was a lot of beers, but we did manage to finish them all!
Lisa and Tori looking cute... or maybe a tad drunk?
At New Belgium, on our drink requests we had to draw a picture of the CSU Ram.  Lisa's is at the bottom left; mine is in the upper right.
Our drinks had arrived!
Lisa and I sharing a cup of ice cream after the three breweries. The flavor was cake batter; it was delish!
Felix, Lisa, Rob and Tori at Odell's.
Photo: Tori