Featured photo for Human Powered Brewery Tour
Photo: Alene NItzky

Human Powered Brewery Tour

“What do the beer fairy, the queen of Wal-Mart, and Spiderman have in common? And what was this odd assortment of characters doing running down the streets of Old Town Fort Collins today?”

These are questions Alene posed in her ultrarunning blog. The explanation is that it was the 3rd Annual Human Powered Brewery Tour—as organized by Scott and Celeste—and this year, a bunch of us wore costumes to draw greater attention to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. We hoped that people who saw superheroes and cowgirls running or biking down the street would ask us what we were doing and offer to make a contribution to the ALS Association.

Did this ploy work? Well, not really, but we did get a lot of cheers and honks from passersby and raised funds by virtue of making donations ourselves. We also had about as much fun one can have with his underwear on while being exercising maniacs and becoming near-drunk.

I also found it a pleasant way to cap a day of 17 miles of running and 10 miles of biking. Considering that we tasted a dozen beers at four breweries (New Belgium, Fort Collins, Odell’s, and Coopersmiths), I’d even consider it a mini-triathlon.

For more photos and information, see Alene’s blog post. Yep, in addition to being too lazy to dress up for the event as anything other than a runner, I’m feeling a bit too slothful to write a full report myself after all that leg bending and beer drinking.

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Connie dressed up as "Balloon Girl" and won the Best Costume contest at New Belgium Brewery.
The group in front of Odell's Brewery.
Dan and Pete with some of Odell's finest beers.
Cat was a fairy.
Scott and Celeste -- the organizers -- were the most dressed up.
Pablo as Spiderman.
Cat, Dennis, Alene, Celeste, Rebekah, and Cody.
Most of us guys did not dress up.  Dennis was the only one in this picture who did, as a farmer.
Lisa was a cowgirl.  In the morning before the brewery tour, a thrift store cut off the soles of some cowboy boots she picked up so she could fuse them with running shoes.
Rebekah dressed up as a Southern belle (at least that was my interpretation).  I liked how her Vibram Five Fingers matched her dress!
Running along Lincoln Avenue from Fort Collins Brewery to Odell's.
Top row: Lisa, Felix, Rebecca, Pete, Alene, Cat, Cody.  Bottom row: Dan and [?].
Photo: Alene NItzky