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Spanish Bicycle Vocabulary

On the wall at Maya Pedal is a table-sized hand-drawn poster illustrating the anatomy of a bicycle. Fortunately I know all of the English terms already, but the chart also has the Spanish translations which I still need to learn. Here is the list.

Update February 20, 2012: I created flashcards for bicycle parts on SpanishDict.com, which you can use to practice. They include pronunciations!

English Term Spanish Term
bike rack parilla
tread banda de rodadura
rear dropout orejas de chasis traseros
rear derailleur desviador; cambio delantero
tension pulley polea de tension
derailleur cage caja de desviador
barrel adjuster tornillo de aguja
freewheel piñon
cogs discos de piñon
seat stays barras de asiento
chain stays barras de cadena
saddle (seat) asiento
seat clamp abrazadera de asiento
seat post poste de asiento
seat post clamp abrazadera de poste de asiento
seat tube tubo de asiento
front derailleur descarrilador
bottom bracket caja central
chain cadena
crankset multiplicador
chainrings discos de cadena
crankarm viela
pedal pedal
downtube tubo inferior
top tube tubo superior
bottle cage porta anfora
head tube caja de timón
headset copas
reversible stem poste de timón
bar grip mango
handlebars timón/manubrio
brake lever manesilla
deraillleur cable cable de descarrilador
brake cable cable de freno
cable housing forro de cable
brakes frenos
brake pads gomas
suspension amortiguador
fork tenedor
hub cubo
axle eje delantero
quick release tornilla mariposa
spoke rayo
spoke nipple niple/tornillo de rayo
rim aro
tire llanta
wheel rueda/cincho
tire valve valvula
bearings balineras
threads (of a screw) rascos
to loosen aflojar
to tighten apretar
tire levers palancas de las llantas

Wikipedia also has a good diagram of the anatomy of a bicycle in Spanish.

A chart in Maya Pedal labeling the parts of a bicycle in Spanish.
A chart in Maya Pedal labeling the parts of a bicycle in Spanish.