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Rolland Moore Park 4k

Eighteen-point-seven miles. That is the total amount of miles I ran since May 5th (the date of the Colorado Marathon) as a consequence of having a bike-centric year. My training runs for the last five months could be counted on one hand, in fact.

Which probably should have forbode disaster in today’s Tortoise and Hare 4km race, but surprisingly, it did not! In fact, I turned in one of my best times for this distance with a fairly decent (at least for me) 6:27/mile pace. Never mind that I’d be sore for two days after the race, which is quite humbling considering that all I did was run 2.5 miles.

Ah, well. It was wonderful to see so many folks (46 of them) from the Fort Collins Running club, including many friends I had not seen for months. Tim, my neighbor and one of my best buds, also came with me for his first go at this race series.

Afterward, we had our annual club election and a wonderful breakfast including breakfast burritos that Connie somehow obtained. I helped Nick enter people’s finishing times into the computer and then learned that I was now on the Board of Directors.

It was a beautiful morning for a run and socializing, although considering how I felt close to dying during the second half of the run, I’m glad the distance was not any longer. For next month’s T&H race, I think I will actually train a little more.

Race Data

Distance: 2.5 miles
Final time: 16:01 (6:27/mile pace)
Garmin data

Forty-six people showed up for October's Tortoise & Hare Race.
A couple runners get ready to take off at their prescribed start time.
Members enjoy breakfast as Katie Q. makes some announcements for the annual Fort Collins Running Club election.
Nick announces the winners of today's race.
The top five runners received ribbons today.
Dana with Stella and Alistair.