My Garden in a Pest Control Book

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Never mind that my soil solarization project was not quite as successful as I had hoped, or that there was only one year I had grown more than a handful of vegetables in it. My crap garden is now in a book. Yes, you read that right, it can now be admired on page 212 of The Gardener's Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control.

The photo is shown in the image below. Actually, the low veggie yield of my garden plot is more attributable to my inattentiveness than anything else—I simply haven’t made the time to do anything with it considering how many other things I’ve had going on—but maybe next year I will actually grow something in there again. I mean, other than weeds.

But now that it has actually been photographed and published, maybe I should stop referring to it as “my crap garden.” Model garden is more like it. Models, after all, are photogenic even if they otherwise aren’t very productive.

My garden as seen in a chapter about soil solarization in The Common Sense Guide to Pest Control.

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