Featured photo for Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

The last time I visited the place Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed as “the one great sight which every American should see,” a snowstorm suddenly came through and I got to see the canyon for approximately 45 seconds. Hence, when Bandy and Sara proposed doing a side trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, I was game. “I can guarantee that you will spend more than 45 seconds this time,” assured my bud.

In fact, the weather held out and not only did we get clear views of the canyon from rim to rim, but we also got to admire it under scarlet skies created by an effulgent sunset. We were able to stay here for 1 hour and 45 minutes before darkness fell.

Sometime in the future, the three of us would like to do a hiking/backpacking trip here. For that, we would probably try to be here for at least 45 hours.

Bandy and Sara in front of the Grand Canyon National Park sign.
Colorful Grand Canyon.
Felix Wong with the Grand Canyon as the backdrop.
The Grand Canyon in all its glory.
The Grand Canyon at sunset.
Clouds lit up by the sunset.
Bandy on some rocks at sunset.
Flintstone's Bedrock City in Williams, AZ near the Grand Canyon.
Sara and Bandy by a sign for Historic Route 66.