Integrity Natural Wheat+ kitty litter.

Integrity Natural Wheat+ Cat Litter Review

I was in my favorite pet supply store, Poudre Pet & Feed Supply of Fort Collins, looking for a huge bag of clumping cat litter to keep Oreo and Tiger‘s kitty port-o-john clean and relatively unstinky. Now, for years I have used Swheat Scoop Multicat Litter, but due to a recent price hike of Swheat’s “new, reformulated” litter ($46 for 40 lbs.), I decided to look at other options.

Sitting on a shelf below was Integrity Natural Wheat+ ($40 for 38 pounds). I had never heard of this product before and an impromptu Bing search on my Windows Phone yielded a dearth of reviews of this obscure brand. Hence, this post.

I am pleased to report that after using it for three months, it has exceeded expectations. Dare I suggest that this may very well be the world’s best kitty litter? At least it has been the best of what I have used or researched so far.

First of all, why wheat? Mainly, I prefer to have a natural, non-toxic kitty litter in my largely chemical-free house. The cats like to drag their tongues over their furry bodies to clean themselves of litter dust (among other things), and the dust poofs up into the air the kitties and I breathe. Wheat is less toxic than, say, the clay used in most commercial litters. Enough said.

Why clumping? While much more expensive per pound than non-clumping kitty litter, it makes cleanup easier and is a lot less wasteful, in turn occupying less landfill space. (Also, unlike clay litter, wheat biodegrades.) Just remove the clumps of litter and the rest can remain in the litter box.

Anyhow, for the above reasons I was using Swheat Scoop—perhaps the most popular of wheat-based litters and readily found in pet stores like Petco or even grocery stores like King Soopers. It is a good litter, but I think Integrity Natural Wheat+ is even better. Here’s why:

  • Integrity Natural Wheat+ clumps way better. Perhaps it is due to the aspen mixed in.
  • It doesn’t stick to the bottom of the litter box as much as Swheat. A lot of times I can get away with merely pounding on the bottom of the box with my hand to separate clumps from the plastic bottom, whereas with Swheat, I always had to use a scoop to scrape them off.
  • Integrity Natural Wheat+ has a more pleasant scent—kind of a nice nutty smell.
  • It creates much less dust. This again may be due to the aspen. In any case, the granules are larger (see photo below).
  • It costs less per pound.
The Integrity Natural Wheat+ kitty litter wheat granules.
The Integrity Natural Wheat+ kitty litter wheat granules.

Basically, I see no downside to using this litter aside from availability. If it were not for the local Poudre Pet & Feed Supply, I would have no idea where to get it. Maybe online.

(Edit: Integrity’s official website has a store locator where you presumably can find this product at.)

In conclusion, I would whole-heartedly recommend this product to any cat owner out there.

Integrity Natural Wheat+ kitty litter.
Integrity Natural Wheat+ kitty litter.