Ready to run while wearing five electronic gizmos.

This is Not Simplifying

Sometimes it is difficult being someone who is an avid simplify-your-lifer and an obsessive data freak who, for example, has statistics for all his bike rides dating back to 1993. Eventually the character traits butt heads against each other like two angry rams.

While running, for instance. Today was another gorgeous day in northern Colorado so I went for a run. In addition to a pair of shorts, I put on no less than five electronic gizmos onto my body. Five!

This is what they were:

  1. Garmin Forerunner 110: For GPS data collection.
  2. Garmin heart rate monitor: To monitor heart rate.
  3. Timex Ironman Sleek watch: I use the countdown timer for interval training.
  4. Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone: For safety and to play a metronome while running.
  5. Motorola Bluetooth headset: to listen to the said metronome.

One day I may be able to wear only one or two gadgets and retain all the functionality and usability of all the above. That day is not quite here yet.

I only use all (or most) of the above while training, however. For races, I strap on only one gadget: the Garmin Forerunner. For racing, simplicity trumps data.

Update April 4, 2016: Nowadays I usually run with only the Microsoft Band 2, which replaced items 1-3 above. Sometimes I wear my phone as well for safety or for listening to Mandarin lessons. I have long sold the Garmin devices. I guess that is true simplifying.

Ready to run while wearing five electronic gizmos.
Ready to run while wearing five electronic gizmos.