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Cars in Mexico

I had just boarded the ADO bus from the Cancún International Airport when a dark American pony car caught my eye. It was a current generation Chevrolet Camaro. Nice.

“I have never seen one of those in Mexico,” I thought to myself. And then I remembered that it was 2009 when I was last in Mexico (in Oaxaca.) The automotive landscape can change a lot in six years.

In addition to that Camaro, I saw a couple of Mustangs (ones made in approximately 2000 and 2005). Other notable cars in Mexico I saw included:

  • French cars, including those made by Peugeot and Renault.
  • Cars made by SEAT, a Spanish automobile manufacturer wholly owned by Volkswagen.
  • Small Volkswagen sedans we do not get in the States. (“I bet Volkswagen does not have to worry about emission regulations here,” I quipped, alluding to the company’s current emissions scandal.)
  • Some pickup trucks—mostly Chevys and Fords.
  • Some classic iron like Volkswagen Beetles and American sedans from the 1950s through 1970s.
  • A few sports cars, like the Mazda Miata, Audi TT and BMW Z4.

There were also lots of motorbikes like the Honda Wave. Some had whole families of four riding them, á la Vietnam.

The automotive landscape actually reminded me a lot of that in Guatemala, with many 1990s-era Japanese compact sedans used as taxis. Collectivos were frequently minivans with bench seats along the interior sides. I did not see any “chicken buses” in Cancún, though.

Driving in Isla Mujeres

Here’s a video of my friend Alberto François driving in Isla Mujeres.

silver Chrysler PT Cruiser, Cancún
silver Renault Duster, Cancún
four Mexicans including two kids on a Batman motorcycle, Isla Mujeres
silver Smart Fortwo, Cancún
silver Porsche Cayenne, Cancún
black Honda Wave motorbike, Felix Wong, pink Huffy Panama Jack cruiser bike
silver Renault Sandero, Super Expresso, Chichén Itzá