Featured photo for Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat

Another year, another Tour de Fat in Fort Collins. It gets bigger and bigger every year, with estimates of 8,000-15,000 people attending this edition.

I rode over with my neighbor Tim, met up with Leah and Faith, and encountered many friends over there despite the throng of people dressed up as non-humans. You can get a good sense of what it is all about by viewing the photos below, watching this video and reading the article in The Coloradoan.


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Tim recently got a black belt in Taekwondo in South Korea, so he went as a Taekwondo master in the Tour de Fat.
Riding behind Leah, Faith and Tim on my Cookie Monster machine in the Tour de Fat.
The bananas loved their potassium.
Felix Wong and Tim trying to ride an opposing tandem bicycle.  However, none of the pedals were connected to the wheels so it was more of a scooter.
Felix Wong and Tim on a three-person bike.
The "tricycle" I rode only went around around in circles.
While I rode a seven-wheeled bike, Sammie (on the right) tried one of the other "Art-icles."
On the seven-wheeled bike.
Poor Tony the Tiger.
I'm not sure who these were but they looked funny.
Leah was a pro at this "throw the tires on the rack" game.
Faith getting face-painted.
Leah getting face-painted.
Faith with a butterfly face-painting design.
Tim getting face-painted.
The dragon design on Tim.
Us in the mirror.
The parade begins!
Leah the Fairy and Felix Wong the Cookie Monster.
Big lizard.
Leah and Faith.
Tiffany rolled up in high heels!
"C is for Cookie" -- my cookie-themed recumbent.